Sant Baba Amir Singh ji Mukhi Jawaddi Taksal


Biography in Punjabi

Jawaddi taksal founded by Late Sant Baba Sucha Singh ji in 1986 at Gurdwara Gur Gian Parkash, Jawaddi Taksal, Ludhiana has revived the reciting of Gurbani in True Ragas coupled with the principles of Sikhism in the true spirt and in a meaningful way. It has also distinguished itself in a very short period all over the world to change the attitude and amptitude for the above said cause among Sikh masses, ragis, Katha Vachaks, intellectuals, preachers etc. Sant Baba Sucha Singh ji came in contact with present the Mukhi (Head) of Jawaddi Taksal Sant Baba Amir Singh ji when he was a student at Gurmat College. Baba ji was highly impressed with Sant Baba Amir Singh ji and maintained regular contact with him and his family members. It was during this period that Baba ji himself nurtured trained, perfected and blessed Sant Baba Amir Singh ji for shouldering great responsibility as if he foresaw his successor in him. It proved true as Sant Baba Amir Singh ji is carrying out all the mandatory works, activities and responsibilities of Jawaddi Taksal with same zeal, sincerity, dedication, honesty and distinction with the full support of Sikh Sangant . Such a rare personality gifted with so many Godly virtues, Sant Baba Amir Singh ji was born in 1971 in a small village called Tharva Majra in distinct Karnail of Haryana to mother Gurbachan kaur ji and father S. Tarlok Singh ji. His parents were highly devoted and possessed all these virtues which were inherited by their Saint son in his very child hood. As a result, just after completing the matriculation exam from Govt. High School Sheikhupura Manchuri (Haryana). He joined Gurmat College, Ropar and Punjab. During this period he came in contact with Sant baba Sucha Singh ji who encouraged him to study in depth the comparative, historical and futuristic value of Gurbani for the salvation of mankind from all the ills. Besides, he was also advised Sant Baba Sucha Singh ji to go for analytical Synthesis and comparative review of various Holi Books/Granths pertaining to the Sikh Principles.

Convinced with his blessed talent, ability and devotion, Sant Baba Sucha Singh ji handed over the responsibility of Head Granthi of Jawaddi Taksal to Sant Baba Amir Singh ji along with the teaching assignment of different ongoing classes in the Taksal. Later on, Sikh Sangat bestowed on him the responsibility of Mukhi (head) of Jawaddi Taksal after the death of Sant Baba Sucha Singh ji which he is performing distinctively till date.

Sant Baba Amir Singh ji conducts Adutti Gurmat Sangeet Samalans every year with Great success in a diverse and talented Rag band manner.Seminars on different religious and social themes, Path Bodh Samagam (correct pronunciation of Gurbani) are also organized regularly under his supervision and guidance. Proceedings of these Samagams are stored in the form of CD’s/Pendrive and books for further spreading the message to Sikh Sangat .

The infrastructure required for various activates of the Taksal in the form of Shri Darbar Sahib, Langar Hall, Students Hostel, Gurshabad Sangeet Academy, Dispensary, Community Shed (Hall) for conducting Samgams etc was also created under the supervision of Sant Baba Amir Singh ji. All the musical instruments especially the Tanti Saaz to cater to the needs of Students and the Ustaads (teachers) are also placed in the Shabad Sangeet Academy. Presently, about 150 Regular Students and 200 Day Scholars are receiving education in Jawaddi Taksal.

There are many visionary ideas in the mind of Sant Baba Amir Singh ji for the future development and uplifting of the Jawaddi Taksal which may be materialized in the near future with the blessing of Guru ji Maharaj and full corporation of Sikh Sangat . At present, the Katha Vachak, Sudh Pathis and Ragis trained from Jawaddi Taksal are serving the Sikh Sangat all over the World. This is because of the sincere, consistent and untiring all out efforts and struggle made by him.