Adutti Gurmat Sangeet Samellan

Jawaddi Taksal founded by Late Sant Baba Sucha Singh ji in 1985 at Gurdwara Gur Gian Parkash, Jawaddi Taksal, and Ludhiana has revived the residing of Gurbani in true Ragas in a very short period. Lot of readings, reviews, personal contacts and efforts made by Sant Baba Sucha Singh ji resulted in the formation of Rag Expert committee (Raag Nirnaik Committe) in 1991 which was Headed by Sangeet Acharya Pandit Dalip Chandar Bedi ji.

The other members of this committee were Principal Rajindar Singh Lakhnow, Singh Bandhu, Bhai Prithipal Singh Kang, Prof. Kartar Singh Ludhiana, Bhai Balbir Singh Amritsar, Prof. Paramjot Singh Mullanpur, Ustaad Jaswant Singh Bhawra, Bibi Jasbir Kaur Khalsa, Principal Shamsher Singh, Dr. Jagir Singh Chandigarh, Prof. Harchand Singh Ludhiana, Prof. Avtar Singh Naaz, Dr. Gurnam Singh Patiala, Bhai Avtar Singh Delhi, Principal Chanan Singh Mazboor and Dr. Ajit Singh Paintal. The Committee finalized the swaroops of all the main and other Ragas existing in Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji.

These served as the basis of the First Adutti Gurmat Sangeet Samalen of 1991 in which for the first time the 31 main Ragas present in Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji were recited. After this, the Adutti Gurmat Sangeet Samalans are conducted every year. After the death of Sant Baba Sucha Singh ji in 2002, these samalans are regularly conducted by Sant Baba Amir Singh ji till date with same zeal, dedication and distinction with the full support of Sangat.