A Pious Soul Sant Baba Sucha Singh Dr. Major Singh

Dr major singh

It is said that flowers manifest their existence with their fragrance, the Sun with its heat while the moonlight its existence through its vastness. In the same way, saintliness is expressed through the glimpse of an ecstatic light in the eyes of the Saint Sant Baba Sucha Singh Exemplified Such a unique personality. A honeyed tomngue, imbued with the name of God, the Knower of Ultimate Reality, a true scholar, tenacious, a man of equipoise, affable, benign, philanthropist are the adjectives fully applicable on the Baba. He was a man of charismatic personality. Whosoever came in contact with him was fascinated with the abundant affection showered by him.

Tere Kalon Pyar Di Mehak Aave. Tere Kol Khalon Nu Dil Karda.
(You exude a fragrance of love. I feel like standing near you)

The Baba delivered the light of Divine knowledge. His knowledge was incomplete in no field. His personality was as admixture of all kinds if ethical qualities. He analysed every issue on the basis of Gurmat and Scientific criterion.

Jo Brahmanade soi Pinde Jo Khojei So Paavei.
(What is in the Universe is in the human body. Whosoever delves deep into the physical, finds the cosmic.)

Going by this truth, he had journeyed into his sentient being. That is why he would answer the inquisitions of every seeker with logic to his utter wonderment. He was a moving encyclopedia. He was an embodiment of numetous qualities of head and heart. He showed respect even on the humblest and had a capacity of elevating the lowliest due to the grace of God, laid down his targets himself and kept heading towards them step by step with a firm determination, self-confidence and composure. Within a short span of time he did several incredible feats, be they Adutti Gurmat Sangat Sammelans, international level seminars or the Shabad-Yatra. The Baba treated the path of his cherished goals with a great tenacity of purpose. He enjoyed the benediction of Guru Nanak Dev. The Baba would fix the dates of big functions and chalk out programme. Nobody knows how these massive programmes were so so successfully managed, who arranged means for the boarding and lodging of so big a gathering. It seemed as if God Himself came to help him carry out these programmes sans any problem.

Santa Ke Karaj Aapi Khaloya. Hari Kammu Karavani Aya Ram.
(God Himself supports the work of Saints. He comes to help His devotees. God only made Himself available to get the needful done.)

All this could be possible only because the Baba was a noble and pious soul, detached altogether from the mundane wealth. His stage was that of ‘Jeeahu Nirmal Baharhu Nirmal (Pios from within and without. He was a true follower of Guru Nanak. “Soi Karna Se Aap Karay?” (One should do only what God wills one to do.) Acting upon this directive of Gurubani, the Baba did everything in accordance with the will of the Guru. He had resolved to revive the centuries old tradition of Gurmat music. Before organizing the Adutti Gurmat Sangeet Sammelan he did a lot of spadework including bringing together the renowned maestros and scholars, determination of prescribed Ragas, preparing the Ragis etc.

So far as the organization of seminars and symposia is concerned, the Baba simply furthered the tradition of dialogue nurtured by Guru Nanak Dev. ‘Akli Sahib Sewiei..’ (God too can be served with sense). Thus Baba Sucha Singh thought that knowledge is essential to worship and sing praises of God. He used to say that in the Seminars held in the universities, the scholars try to impress the scholars not the seekers in general. So he called upon all the Sikhs to join heads and talk of Sikhism as a common platform and other requisites would be provided by him. The philosophy of his work was both unique as well as the simple at the same time. Implementing the maxim of ‘union is strength’ he ventured to bring together all the devotees of the Guru.

They believed that the mutual dialogue is the panacea of all ills. Any new issue is subject to research or discussion. Besides the new inventions of Science and Technology can help carry the concerns of Sikhism across the world. He invited not only the Sikh intellectuals but the leaders and scholars from other faiths also to make them familiar with the global-brotherhood concept of Sikhism as also the supremacy of the Shabad-Guru i.e. the word can be the best Guru. The Baba said that intellect is the gift of God. Education can be acquired from books also but it may not necessarily make one wise. Real wisdom or intelligence can be gained only through the exploration and recognition of the word. Only the one who works hard, meditates, is capable of preaching. The Baba wanted to carry the message of Guru Granth Sahib to the whole world by liberating it from the communal confinement of the Sikhs only. This was the very objective behind taking out the Shabad-Yatra which discovered some birthplaces of the Bhagat Poets whose mythical poetry is enshrined in Guru Granth Sahib. It was meant to make different sects and tribes aware that Guru Granth Sahib is the common Guru for all and not for Sikhs only. This is the only common Master of entire humanity. This the best, modern and up to the mark for the Scientific age.

Wahu Wahu Bani Nirankar Hai Tis Jewad Awar Na koi (Ang 515)
Khahi Brahman Sood Vais Updesu Chahu Varna Kau Sajha (Ang 747)
……. Santu Japavei Naamu. (Bani is an expression of the formless. Nothing is higher than this.)
(The preaching of Gurbani is commonly meant for all the four varnas : Khatriya, Brahmin, Vaisha and Sudra)
(…… The name of the Lord (Naam) is available with the grace of the Saint.)

The Baba used to say that human body is meant for the remembrance of Lord’s name. He was very disciplined and principled man. Nobody had ever seen him sleeping. ‘Aapi Japei Avarah Naamu Japavei’ inspired by these words he was always engrossed in the remembrance of God. He had a fixed time of meeting the people. He was a philanthropist. He would remove the troubles of his devotees and urged them to recite the Name with every breath. He never said that he would remove this and that trouble of someone. He rather said, “Dui Karau Jod Karau Ardaasi” (prey with folded hands). The Guru will set everything right. Guru Nanak will shower his blessings on you. If someone said, “Baba, we have wanderedfrom pillar to post, everywhere but nothing good came out of it,” the Baba would admonish him saying, “Be faithful to one only. A wanderer is just like the son of a prostitute. “Vesua poot Na Naun Sadavei (Nobody remembers the name of a prostitute.)

On the contrary if you trust in one only, the Guru Himself will do good to you. He often quoted, “Achint Kamm Karahi Prabh Tin Ke Jin Hari Ka Naam Pyara” (Those who love the Name of God, (they) are looked after by Himself ). He used to say, “If your love with the Guru is true, the Guru will not let anybody cheat you or let you suffer any loss, you will always be a winner.”

Jis Dei Hovei Wali Su Kade Na Haarda. (Ang 519)
(One who has the Guru on his side, never loss)
Ta kau Dhokha Kaha Vyapei Ja kau oat Tuhari (Ang 711)
(How can he, who enjoys your patronage, be cheated by anybody?)

And secondly when everything is surrendered to the Guru, then why bother for profit or loss. If you are in true love with your Guru, the fear of profit or loss will evaporate itself. He would ask his followers not to visit the abode of the Guru with a business-like motive. Some Urdu Poet has rightly said, Kya Munafa Kya Khasara (Loss) Ishq Mein Hain Done Ek Ishq Farmana Hi Hai to Baniagiri Chhod De.

The Baba used to say, “If you want mukti (Salvation) and want to make your life a success then stop moving from door to door. Give your arm to One. Murda Hoi Murid Na Galli Hovana.” Only words won’t do any good. During discourse he would also quote the following couplet:
Dar-e-Jaanan Pe Baith Ja Naqsh-e-Pa Ban Kar Mitaya To Ja Sake Magar Uthaya Na Ja Sake.

This way he exhorted the Sangat to get linked to the Guru ghar like a footprint which can be effaced but not lifted. Thus to have blessings of the Guru and improve deservedness only with Guru Granth Sahib and not look towards any other door. It is only then that we can be in the good books of the Guru. If someone asked, “Baba, I remember the Name and recite it for so longer a time daily but I have not been blessed so far.” The Baba would say that there was certainly some deficiency in the passion. “Gobind Bhau Bhagat Ka Bhukha.” (The Guru is pleased only with the passionate devotion.) He can be wooed only with love. Transcendence of ‘I’ is the only way to attain God. And this is what is love. “Khudi Miti Tad Sukh Bhaye” (Dissolution of the Ego is the only way of fulfillment of all aspirations. The combination of Word (Shabad) and Consciousness (Surti) is a must. “Ditthei Mukti Na Hovai Jicharu Shabadi Na Kare vicharu. The Baba says that we obey the man but not Guru Granth Sahib. It means we don’t keep Guru Granth Sahib at par with even the man what to speak of our Guru. One who does not have faith in Guru Granth Sahib cannot enjoy the blessings of the Guru. “Sidq De Bede Paar” Sincerity always rewarded. Therefore Sikh is not supposed to show even an iota or cynicism towards the Guru. A Poet writes:
Mein Apna Ghat Taan Us Qabal Banawan. Oh Ho Ke Meharbaan Aaye Na Aaye.

But Baba Sucha Singh would say, “Gentleman! Just try to tread this path of loyalty. Extend your hand a bit towards the Guru and he will hold it and help you. “Charan Sarani Gur Ek Painda Jai Chal, Satigur Koti Painda Aage Hoi Lat Hai” Just take one step and step the Satigur Himself will guide you. The Baba would come out with suitable examples from the worldly life to attach the Sangat with the Name and Bani. He asked a housewife at whose house he had taken meals one day, “Do you recite Nitnem daily?” when the woman tried to say, “Baba Ji, I keep so busy in household affair. There is hardly any time for Nitnem.”

“As Dal or Sabzi becomes tastier after frying, similarly Nitnem in ambrosial hours adds taste to our life. it becomes more liveable. All suffering vanishes instantly,” the Baba replied and added that how can a man who does not remember Name, be distinguished from the animals, Such a person is always ensnared in vices like Sexuality, Anger, Avarice and many kinds of other sensual pleasures. Quoting “Is Dehi Kau Simrahi Dev” from Gurbani, he says that human existence is at the helm of the entire living world it is not gained so easily. Even the gods cherishit. Therefore we must add meaning to our life by meditation and service to the fellow beings. He would say, “Every country has a constitution which has two components: System and Culture.

We in Punjab or say India have a very fine culture but the system is rotten, corrupt. That is why people are unhappy here. On the other hand the west has a very good system but they have a bad culture. therefore the people there two, are not happy. In the same way two components Sewa and Simran are essential for attaining to the ultimate (Paar Braham). The combination of the two is necessary.” If any follower needed repeated preaching he would become a little strict and quote the following verses from Gurbani.

Jin Hair Hirdei Naamu Na Baseo Tin Maat Keejei Hair Banjha.
Tin Sunji Deh Firaji Binu Naavei Oi Khapi Khapi Muey Kranjha. (Ank 697)
Jiha kuli Pootu Na Gyan Beechari. Bidhwa Kas Na Bhai Mahtari. (Ank 328)
Muchu Muchu Garbh Gaye Keen Bachea.(Ank 328)
He says, ” What can be worse than this that by not reciting the Name we are bringing infamy to our parents. Quoting the Guru he said, “What did not the mother of the one who has not to remember the Lord’s name, become widow before his birth so such a good for nothing person did not take birth at all. The Gurus considered only that son wise who, with his wisdom removes the blemishes of his family and adds laurels to it. “Apjasam Mitant Sat Putrad”.

A Sikh is not supposed to save his family from getting blemished. Unkei Sangi mohi Prabhu Chiti Aavei. Along with the devotee masses, the Baba also had around him a galaxy of scholars and intellectuals. It is human nature that we approach the men of divinity for the fulfillment of our mundane desires. The Baba satisfied his followers in his own characteristic way by attaching them with the Shabad-Guru. After such devotees departed, he would smile and when asked, he said, “Everybody comes here for the satisfaction of his worldly needs. Nobody has ever asked for Name (Naam-Daan). They least know that if the blessing of the Name are attained from the Guru, all other desire are looked after by him. Very rarely someone turns up as the seekers of Naam.

The Baba was always surrounded by scholarly people. He would sit up even on his sick-bed at the arrival of a saint or seeker as if he was perfectly okay. At that time his face glowed bright and eyes radiated a divine light. His voice at that moment was full of enthusiasm. The hangover of such meetings kept him cheerful even after the departure of the seeker. He applauded the seekers and bestowed so much respect on the saints who visited him, that the words fail to describe it:
Santu Milei Kichhu Suniei Kahiei.
Milei Asantu Masti Kari Rahiei. (Ank 870)

Guru Nanak’s True Disciple Baba Sucha Singh had profound regard gor Guru Granth Sahib. Going by the ideal “Guru Moorti Gur Shabad Hai” (The word of the Master is the master is the Master manifest) he revered Guru Granth Sahib as the eternal and living Master. Therefore he served the Granth as omniscient, omnipotent and perfect Master. The following are excerpts from the words he shared with the persons of his ilk:

  1. Nobody can dupe or lead astray a person who worshps Guru Nanak Sahib as the living Master.
  2. The Bani enshrined in the Granth is potent enough to impart knowledge on God.
  3. Guru Granth Sahib is an answer to all my queries, a solution to all the problems of my life and a means of fulfilling all my need. Therefore, I never had to look towards any other literature or scripture for that matter.
  4. Normally, no writing whether scriptural or other genres of literature are of no use unless they are understood at the level of mind. But since the Bani given in Guru Granth Sahib has come right from its ultimate source, it does leave a pleasant impact on the reader or listener, whether it is understood or not. It is exactly as a mother suckles her child who is not aware of the quality of the milk but still the milk has its nutritive effort on the child.
  5. There have been millions of Brahm Gyanis before and after the emergence of Guru Granth Sahib but a Pooran Brahm Gyani (Perfect knower of the Supreme Reality) can be produced only by Guru Granth Sahib.
  6. Whatever little understanding, I too, have acquired, is all due to the service of Guru Granth Sahib. Throught my life I have experienced so many marvelous of the Granth that it requires a heavy volume to register them all.

From the excerts it can be imagined how much respect he had in his heart for the holy Granth. He himswlf served Guru Granth Sahib with great reverence and made others do so also. The splendor of his respect for the scripture can be seen in ‘Sri Guru Granth Sahib Nij Thaun’ build especially for the Sukhasan (comfort) of the copies (read bodies) of the Living Master. The Baba’s love, regard and service for the Granth is beyond the power of words to describe. He purchased the copies of the Granth from Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee but delivered them from free of charge to the needy seekers. So much so that in case someone demanded a copy of Guru Granth Sahib, he would send his own servants to his house to prepare a befitting place for installing it and then a vehicle of the Taksaal would carry it with all traditional grandeur to the seeker’ house.
Kaya Andaru Sabhu Kichhu Vasei ….. (Every thing exists in the body)

The Baba did not have any academic degrees but he could discuss al large any topic to the satisfaction of even the renowned scholars. He was endowed with the spiritual erudition of Guru Nanak. He used to say, “What is the worth of a religion if it fails to answer scientific queens?” Replying to the questions of seekers he would refer to both- Gurmat and Scientific logic. Here are only two illustrations:

  1. Regarding Nano-technology, the most discussed subject today, he would say that subtle is stronger than the concrete. More the subtle, the more will be its expansion and strength. Earth, water, fire, air and sky are the subtle phenomena and with a great expanse and strength. Soul being the subtlest of all is thus omnipresent and is all powerful.
  2. The Baba explained the scientific aspect of the importance of noble company (Saadh Sangat) like this” when someone recites the name of God just once, he is awarded for one time only but when he does so as a part of the satisang i.e. a religious congregation, the recitation has its multiple effect. It is due to the reverberation of sound caused due to repeated multiple reflection. In Saadh Sangat, man has to do three things. Sravni Rasna Gaiyei Hirdei Dhiaiyei Soi (Ank 611)

The Baba said that every sikh should attend satisangat in the Gurdwara twice a day or at least once daily without fail. On several occasions, while sitting at his feet, he would address me during discussion over a specific issue saying. “well. Dr. Major Singh, what does your science say on this?” Before I could give an answer he himself would smilingly answer the same saying, “Isn’t it?” Regarding sound he explained so well that his creative, technical and scientific style surprised the listener.

A part from being a learned personality, Baba Sucha Singh’s entire life-style including his generosity, humility, way of dressing, simplicity, meditativeness etc. every thing was exemplary. He not only sermonized but practiced all that he preached whether it was reverence for the holy Guru Granth Sahib, service in the community kitchen or scrubbing of used utensils. He taught how to put in to practice the tenets of Sikhism in a simplistic way. There is much that can be written about the Baba’s personality but everything cannot be described here in nutshall, it can be said that such souls do not visit the earth very frequently. What he did during the short-span of his life was unique and unprecedented. The following couplet sums up the Baba’s quality of life very aptly:
Har Daur Ke Mallah Hamein Yaad Rakhenge.
Sahil Pe Kuchh Aise Nishaan Chhod Denge Hum.
(We shall leave such footprints on the beachsands that the mariners of every age will remember us.)

The tradition of service and the tasks initiated by the Baba being carried forward very successfully by the present Taksaal Chief Gyani Amir Singh along with his dedicated team including Baba Sohan Singh and Bhai Sukhwant Singh. May God proide these dedicated Sikh volunteers more energy and vigour to realize the dreams of Baba Sucha Singh.